Amarula Marula Liqueur Vegan 70Cl

89 AED

DESCRIPTION: Danzka Vodka Fifty 1L comes from the Danish Capital, Copenhagen. This explains the lean and elegant design of the bottle created in the famous Nordic style. The basic shape derives from the classic cocktail shaker which has become an individual aluminium bottle in line with the sleek Danish design tradition. It comes as no surprise that Danzka Vodka Fifty 1L is well-known as the world's best travelling premium vodka. Additionally, the unique material makes it chill much quicker than a glass or plastic bottle. Besides its great design, Danzka Vodka Fifty 1L deserves to rank among the best vodkas. Riding the waves of Scandinavian vodkas, it can easily stand next to other great Nordic vodkas such as Absolut and Finlandia, thereby contributing to this new wave of vodka-producing countries. TASTING NOTES: Color: Danzka Vodka Fifty 1L is clear. Odor: Has a mild aroma. Taste: Rich in taste with a slightly fruity character.

  • CountryDENMARK
  • Type of BeverageSPIRITS, VODKA
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